Bitcoin Hardware Wallet
Hardware Wallet HW-1

HW-1 is a secure tiny USB smart card based hardware wallet, keeping your bitcoin based crypto-currency assets safe.
The built-in smart card holds your private keys, and signs transactions after you confirm them.
Cheap, fun, easy to use, yet offering a rich API for developers, HW-1 makes crypto coins security convenient.

Physical Security

  • USB Smartcard component
  • Banking/ID grade technology
  • Single chip package

Application Security

  • Secure private keys storage
  • Anti theft : PIN protection
  • Auto wipe after 3 wrong entries
  • Anti malware : second factor for transactions confirmation, Denial Of Service threats considered

Low Trust Required

  • No lock-in
  • No blind trust of the hardware random generator
  • Well defined communication protocol

Easy to use

  • Driverless installation
  • Works natively in Chrome web browser
  • Supported by well known third party wallets

Power users

  • Developer API to manipulate Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets
  • Server security token
  • Advanced protocol features support : M of N transactions, partial transactions signing


  • Altcoins support
  • Different form factors & style